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Our Story

IONZ Pte Ltd is a Digital Printing and Consultancy Services Company. Our experienced team has been in this industry sinces 2001. In our new premises we have invested new automated printing equipment as well as loading our systems color optimization software, which will enable us to meet the demanding requirements of our vast array of clients.


Through our persevering efforts to meet the nitty-gritty requirements of our customers, it has led us to a road of success. With positive word-of-mouth, we have not only grown with our clients, but have also been referred by respectable regional and local advertising agencies,

government sectors and multinational corporations.


Our core competitive edge lies in our energetic and  talented team. We strive to gain a strong presence in the local industry through full execution of our clients idea and exceeding their expectations by enhancing and improving it wherever possible. This is because we believe a brand’s success not only lies in creative visuals, but also in breathing life into it.


Though we are diversified in skill, we share one common passion - the ‘positive ion’. We akin ourselves as an ‘ion’, though we may be small but we take pride in every project that has been entrusted to us with great care, no matter how minute it is.


We take pride in brainstorming for idea and generating creative angles in seach to turn the impossible possible.  

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